P’li, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan Concept Art

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Anonymous asked: If you and Asami Sato switched bodies for a day, what would you do?

1. Flip hair over and over.

2. Flip over dudes.

3. Go for a drive.

4. Nab Pabu.

5. Try on all her clothes.


6. Maybe find out what is up with Hiroshi :[

I think you all know where I’m going with this.


lin beifong will crush the heads of the weak between her thighs is what i’m getting at



looking at her girlfriend

how can you show your villains being so incredible and expect us to still be more engaged by the heroes??




Reblog if you’re also kind of rooting for the Red Lotus.

*sighs the tragic and entitled sigh of one who does not own a pc and therefore can’t download episodes from amazon*



Yue forgive me, I’m back to writing fanfiction. The thing I’ve been working on is going to get long, probably longer than I can handle, but damn it let’s go!

Title: Snowfall

Pairings: Tarrlok/Noatak (though not yet), Tarrlok/Korra, knowing me probably Noatak/Korra at some point

Summary: Tarrlok gets the wrong idea entirely about Korra, the silly man. Starts at episode one.

Tarrlok had never had much use for the Spirits or supernatural things in general, but gazing at the front page of The Daily Republic, he felt a sensation that he could only identify as awe and a sort of holy terror.  What else could he feel about the face grinning back out of the cheap ink and flimsy paper, which he hadn’t seen since childhood? A jaunty ponytail and large, fearless eyes, with a vivacity in them that Tarrlok recalled only from his earliest memories.  They were too similar for it to be a coincidence.

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I already know that being in the fandom for lok distorts the actual experience of watching it, but I think I’ve made it 100x worse for myself by coming to like Asami and dislike Mako. Whenever he does anything or appears on screen, all I see are deliberate attempts by the writers to upsell him to the audience as likable, and as long as he is active and engaged while Sato only speaks to deliver the occasional plot-moving line, I’m going to resent it like whoa. And I’m going to be eternally unhappy about the stupid goddamn love triangle, because it annoys me to no end that they seem to be skipping out on Mako actually having to face up to his part in it. The cutesy hapless stuff is funny, but doesn’t really make up for not having him acknowledge stringing Asami along (or tell Korra that he was willing to get back with Asami a week after they broke up).

explosions and the close-range survivability thereof for talented benders: exhibits a, b and c

and just look at these heroes with their heroic poses as they kidnap an unconscious woman

and just look at these heroes with their heroic poses as they kidnap an unconscious woman

Episode 8, spoilers

-red lotus vs. zaofu was pretty great

-asami and korra get to wear something else!! Asami’s stupid frilly dressing gown is perfect.


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